Homemade Wind Turbine

Here’s a really simple wind turbine project that’s easy to build yet has practical applications. In other words – it generates electricity from the wind!

The materials are really simple and cheap (looks like most of it you can buy from Home Depot). But the best part – it actually works!

It’s interesting to note that this wind turbine project is safe as it is low-voltage but still packs enough energy to power a radio. It’s a great beginner project for kids and they can build it themselves with cheap (and safe) materials.

Plus, they’re getting a good education about how wind energy works. It’s a great exercise because the practicality of this project is that it’s a local generation and use of wind power. Nothing complex yet it touches on many scientific points about alternate energy sources and exposes the myth that these types of energy sources are a “mystery” and can’t be used by anybody with some basic DIY skills.

The next step? Store the excess energy that is generated for a cloudy day (or night). For wind energy, that’s the challenge. So, a storage battery might be a great way to hold onto that power until it can be used.

Have fun!

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