Earth4Energy eBook Review

I was able to read through the entire manual in a couple of evenings. I was really happy to find that this book is an easy-to-read do-it-yourself type of manual – no unnecessary technical mumbo-jumbo here!  Just useful and practical information to help you join the millions of alternative-energy households throughout the country.

This eBook is quite specific, with lots of helpful and easy to understand diagrams and pictures, Alternative sources for needed parts are given in case certain items can’t be found in your area.

Of course, you can buy similar do-it-yourself books online and at bookstores, but they’re only static copies. That is, as technology is updated (like it does quite rapidly), your plain old paper book suddenly is outdated and useless! Not so with Earth4Energy – since it is an eBook, it’s constantly being updated with the latest technology and ideas. Plus, more ideas and tips are available on their website for free – for purchasers of this book.

Earth4Energy Company now includes  custom videos that show critical details for building windmills and solar panels.

Some of the videos show the basic methods and tricks for easily soldering electrical leads to the individual solar cells (for beginners)  as well as  how to connect all the cells in an entire panel assembly. These and future videos on windmill construction are available on a special “members only” area that is available for free to anyone who buys the main eBook.

Considering the practical, do-it-yourself nature of this eBook, the free how-to videos and the automatic updates included at no extra charge, I’d have to say that this is a top recommended resource for those wanting to build their own windmill – or solar energy package.

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